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Three Ways To Use Essential Oils


*Read label on bottle to determine the uses for specific oils and if they need to be diluted with a carrier oil or can be used “neat” or undiluted.  Learn about Carrier Oils and Dilution HERE



  • Massage a few drops of essential oil and a carrier oil of choice (coconut, grape seed, V6 vegetable oil, etc.) onto preferred parts of the body.

  • Roll onto desired area with rollerball.

  • Allow 1 drop of oil to fall into your non-dominant hand, take your “peace fingers” of your dominant hand and rub the oil in 3 clockwise circles to activate the oil to your energy. Rub your palms together and cup hands over nose and mouth (without touching oil to your eyes!) and inhale the oil, taking it in to all of your cells. Then, using your intuition, apply the oil on your body wherever you feel like you need it (back of the neck, abdomen, bottom of the feet, etc.).

  • Applying oils to the bottom of the feet is a wonderful way to use the oils, especially for kids, because the skin is less sensitive. The biggest pores are located on the bottom of your feet, allowing the oils get into your system faster, AND a complete network of Vita-Flex points (like a map of your body on your feet!) stimulates all the internal body systems.



  • Inhale directly (straight from the bottle).

  • Diffuse them {add water to the line inside your diffuser, then a few drops of your favorite oil}.

  • Add a few drops of oil to a bowl of hot water and create a tent-like atmosphere using a towel over your head. Inhale deeply. 


  • Young Living's Vitality line of dietary essential oils can be added to a glass of water, rice milk or beverage of your choice!

  • Put several drops of essential oil into an empty vegetable capsule and swallow with water.
    Tip: put dry rice into a small bowl, and as you fill capsules, stand the capsules up between the grains of rice to fill the capsules and keep them from leaking and getting sticky.

  • Citrus oils will dissolve vegetable capsules. Either add carrier oil or take immediately after filling.

How Essential Oils Work

Essential Oil Basics

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